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The Search for the ITALIA
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Railway Bill No. 002293 for the delivery of cargoes for the Nobile Rescue Expedition. The billing is addressed to the Murmansk Sea Agency, Attn: Wiese.


To the members of General Nobile's expedition on board the dirigible Italia.

That letter will be handed to you by Mr. Sabouchkane, airplane pilot contributor to the expedition undertaken for research and relief of General Nobile and his companions by the Soviet public organization association. Our expedition is based on the icebreaker Malygin standing now near More Island. I, and the entire of the expedition are hoping to greet you in good health on board the Malygin.

Chief of Expedition      Wiese



A private telegram sent on post office form to Professor Wiese on board the icebreaker MALYGIN. The sender was Evgenov, a famous explorer and then the chief of the Admiralty Hydrographic Service. The message was a greeting on the departure of the expedition.


An airmailed telegram on post office form was sent from Moscow to Professor Wiese on board the icebreaker MALYGIN.

"Include in the expedition two radio operators, Plevakko (Military Radio School) and Kozhevnikov (personal radio station)."

Moscow, Committee to Support Search for Nobile, sent by Khalefsky.



List of expedition staff used by Professor Wiese during his position on the KRASSIN:


V. Wiese Moseev S. Doctor
A. Lavrov Plevako Radio Manager
M. Babushkin Kozhevnikov radio operator
P. Strelkov Reporters:
Loris-Melikov M. meteorologist Carry A.
Valentay Camera man Geko Y.
Sergeev C. Pilot Yakovlev A.
Kvatkovsky M. mechanician Philippov N.
Groshev F. Ostrovsky S.



The icebreaker KRASSIN served as the headquarters for Dr. Wiese, director of the Rescue Expedition. The icebreaker MALYGIN worked in coordination with the lead vessel with Dr. Samoylovich in charge.